30 - 60 Degree Set Square
30 - 60 Degree Set Square- Footed
45 Degree Set Square
45 Degree Set Square - Footed
Book - The Home Lighting Effects Bible
Colour Wheel
Coloured Pencils
Drafting - T Square
Lead Holder ( Architects pencil)
Lead Pointer Sharpener
Metal Eraser Shield
Metal Tub Sharpener
Paint Brush
Paint Tray
Parallel Rule Board
Pencils - Lumograph pencils
Pens - pigment
Pigment Liner Set
Presentation Pages
Repositionable Glue Stick
Scissors - Pinking Shears
Scissors- Dressmakers
Technical Pencil
Technical pencil refills
Template - Circles
Template - Home Furnishing
Template - Home Planning & Layout
Template - Lighting
Template - Plumbing Fixtures
Tracing paper - Roll
Tracing paper- pads
Triangular Scale - Architects Rule
Vellum - Clearpirnt Pad of 10 Sheets
Zips - glue lines

Business Development
Sourcing to the Trade
Book - The Home Lighting Effects Bible
Book - The Home Lighting Effects Bible

The Home Lighting Effects Bible
Ideas and Know-How for Better Lighting in Every Part of Your Home

By Lucy Martin

  The best reference guide on this subject covers a broad range of topics ranging from use of lighting, to types of lighting, bulb types and voltage issues, styles, determining the right size of light and how to make light have the impact you want in your design.  This is a room by room approach that even delves into the specialty areas such as stairs, media rooms, wine cellars and nooks leaving no corners uncovered.

Illustrated with 400 colour photos, glossary, resource and supplier list.

Price $29.95 + taxes (1.50) total $31.45 CDN.