30 - 60 Degree Set Square
30 - 60 Degree Set Square- Footed
45 Degree Set Square
45 Degree Set Square - Footed
Book - The Home Lighting Effects Bible
Colour Wheel
Coloured Pencils
Drafting - T Square
Lead Holder ( Architects pencil)
Lead Pointer Sharpener
Metal Eraser Shield
Metal Tub Sharpener
Paint Brush
Paint Tray
Parallel Rule Board
Pencils - Lumograph pencils
Pens - pigment
Pigment Liner Set
Presentation Pages
Repositionable Glue Stick
Scissors - Pinking Shears
Scissors- Dressmakers
Technical Pencil
Technical pencil refills
Template - Circles
Template - Home Furnishing
Template - Home Planning & Layout
Template - Lighting
Template - Plumbing Fixtures
Tracing paper - Roll
Tracing paper- pads
Triangular Scale - Architects Rule
Vellum - Clearpirnt Pad of 10 Sheets
Zips - glue lines

Business Development
Sourcing to the Trade
Products & Services

With a focus on quality products that embody good design and functionality, our product line starts with Tools/Supplies for students, professionals and those with a passion for decorating and design. These Tools/Supplies also include books that support learning about various aspects of design and decorating and provide inspiration for design solutions.

Special offer for students in the Greater Vancouver Regional District:
Place your order in advance of the start of school, (ideally a week or more in advance) and we will arrange to have the supplies you ordered delivered directly to your first class at school.

How to Order
For Student orders click here
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  • Attach your cheque and
  • Mail it.
  • We confirm your order and delivery details.
Need delivery?
Use our contact us page to make arrangements that best suit you.
Note 1: Some products may not be exactly as shown due to changes in packaging and availability from our suppliers.
Note 2: We are currently not offering online shopping to keep the costs to you, the user, at a reasonable level.

Under development:
In the future, a line of home décor products will appear. These will reflect good design, functionality and beauty following our design for better living philosophy.

Our Services Section will have several components:
1. Business services to support developing professional practices within the decorating and design industry
2. Support services to out of town Decorators and Designers who have clients in the Vancouver area or are doing seminars/events and need on site local assistance.
3. More under development.

For the following services
1. Information about professionals who can provide you with Interior Decorating and Design services, and some related specialists such as decorative painters. See Designers for our Trade Directory
2. Membership, including the newsletter, is available to the Trade and students in the industry. See our Membership Section.
3. See events section for educational activities and events.