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Fall 2017 PT Interior Decorating Courses
Full time Interior Decorating Program 2017
Computerized Space Planning
Course Content - Part Time Interior Decorating Program
Info Sessions P/T Interior Decoratoring Program
Full time Interior Decorating Program 2017

The new full time program is broken into four semesters.  To obtain in depth details go to:www.burnaby.cce

Semester 1
Orientation Sept. 11, 2017
Start: Sept 12., 2017            Finishes: October 30, 2017
Courses:  Basics of Design, Colour and Schemes, Lighting Applications, and Background Coverings

Semester 2
Start: Oct. 31st., 2017       Finishes: Dec. 12th. 2017
Courses: Decor Fabrics, Window Coverings, Furniture Selection and Decor Accents

Semester 3
Start:  Jan.8, 2017             Finishes: Feb. 16th., 2017
Courses: Space Planning , CadSoft, Kitchen Design and Business Readiness

Semester 4
Start: Feb. 19th. 2017      Finishes: April 24th. 2017
Courses: Period Styles, Modern Styles, Residential Architecture, Project Management and Final Project.