Lech Podgorski Master Furniture Craftsman
   Lech Podgorski is a name that every discriminating designer who seeks quality and craftsmanship knows. Originally from Poland, Lech calls Port Coquitlam home to his custom workshop. 

Moving from painting to creating custom furniture was a natural extension of Lech’s desire to create the final product to the standards he desired. Specializing in unique finishes such as parchment, shagrin, exquisite woods, stains and inlay of precious materials such as metals, horn and shell, his work reflects the Art Deco period while retaining a modern approach to design.

   In June, Axis Decorativ Arts, Howe St. Vancouver hosted a display of his work. Opening night was attended by a bevy of local design mavens including Robert Leddingham. It is always a pleasure to see what Lech has been up to and what new things we can expect.  In September, Lech anticipates another showing at Axis. and some pieces will be at the Axis booth at IDS West.

   As an innovator, Lech routinely challenges what can be done with wood.  He will try many different cuts on a piece to create that unique finish. Personally, I love his quilted maple which is unlike anything I have seen anywhere else. Inlays provide a way to create unusual surfaces. Shell is available in a stunning array of colours, textures and even shaped to create tile style patterns and these will soon find a place in his new work.

There is a catalogue of work on his website that will give you a sense of his design aesthetic. As a master craftsman, he works closely with decorators and designers to help them deliver their own creations as well. If you wish a piece you can ask you decorator to have him create the perfect piece for you space.

    Examples of his work are at the Seattle Design Centre at Terris Draheim or in Toronto at Industrial Storm. Or visit: http://www.lechdesign.com