Teen Summer Decorating Program

Summer is fast approaching and there are questions that teens and adults need to resolve soon.


What am I going to do this summer?

How am I going to have fun and be creative?

How can I explore my potential to be an interior decorator or a designer?

Who has a summer interior decorating camp just for teens?


What can my teen do that will be fun and creative?

Where can I find a program that allows them to learn while doing hands on activities?

How can my teen develop their art portfolio?

Where can they learn more about decorating and design?

Where can I find a teen summer interior decorating camp program that will keep my teen happy?

This summer, teen decorating divas and divos will have a chance to participate in a series of six one-week programs that will explore interior decorating and design.  Each week has a different theme allowing teens to focus on those topics that interest them most. Based on many hands on activities, the week will provide a great educational experience with a lot of fun thrown in for good measure.

The program is being offered through Choices Décor Group Inc. with Vibrant Design Group Inc. Choices is the leader in offering Interior Decorating and Design courses, certificate and diploma programs throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland Schools Continuing Education. The courses will be lead by experienced Interior Decorators who have instructed in the programs.

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