Artist and Artisans: The series

   This month marks the start of a series of features on artists whose work adds depth to our environment whether it is residential or commercial spaces.

   Each featured artist or artisan brings a creative passion to his or her work that is born out of his or her personal experiences and training  As a result, they create unique pieces that individuals can embrace as their own.  Mediums will vary. They may be photographers, glass blowers, painters, decorative artists, potters, weavers etc. What they have in common is the ability to bring soul and substance to your interior. 

  If you feel a little intimidated about making that first move to purchase art, remember there are no mistakes. Learn a little about the type of art and then let emotion guide you. If you are still unsure there are a number of resources you can turn to, e.g. the Art Galleries, and professionals who manage art collections. They will provide a wealth of information as well help you develop your eye and your build a personal treasure trove.

   While you can find many of these creative people in a variety of place such as galleries, schools, craft fairs, and even the web, taking that extra moment to learn about the process of creating the art itself will help you further appreciate the value of that next piece you acquire. As each person is featured, we hope to help you develop deeper understanding of the medium they work in, and hope you will find the time to seek them out and explore their work further.

   You may like the work of some but not others. This is a good indication that you are developing a passion for a certain medium or style of art, If you feel emotional about a piece or find yourself coming back to it, you have found the right one.

   Interior Decorators and designers often work with artists to arrange commissions as they understand both the needs of the space as well as their client. They too can be a great resource.

   Art can also be an investment. Watch for an article on art investment later in the year.

   Watch for our opening feature artist: Laura Murdoch.

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