Careers: ReDesign & Home Staging

  If you are thinking of a career in Redesign and Home Staging we would suggest that you get some professional credentials. The 5 Day CRDA Redesign & Home Staging course is one of several that are offered. Do your research and find the course and the instructor that work for you.

 A redesigner offers services primarily in one-day home makeovers. As a redesigner you go in for the entire day with a partner and rearrange furniture, group and hang art, showcase the owner's collections and treasures. Redesign is very personal and reflects a homeowner's lifestyle.

  Home Stagers on the other hand offer many more services than redesigners. Home stagers are helping the client prepare her/his property for selling so that it will sell sooner and for more money than a property that is not staged. As a home stager you can offer a consultation, report recommendations, shopping services, sourcing services for rental furnishings, installation, hands-on staging, and professional organizing and then you can also do the move-in!

   Any other skills and strategic alliances that you have to offer will increase your business opportunities. It is wise to have several streams of income, which you can do as a redesigner and/or home stager.

Contributing Writer:

  Dana J. Smithers Professional Interior Decorator, CRSS Redesign & Home Staging Specialist, Professional CRDA Instructor

  It is hard to believe that it was 10 years ago that I decided to leave a secure, well paying, and successful corporate career to follow my dreams. I started with a short-term plan which involved getting some credentials. I fast tracked the Interior Decorating Diploma course while still working full time. My full time job eventually disappeared as I increased my time working in the industry. My first industry-related job was with Arlene's and then part time in a boutique furniture store. I also worked part time in a home design store applying what I learned in school. I took a professional Redesign course to add to my credentials and started building up my client base. My client base expanded from interior decorating to redesign to home staging services. Since I have taken that 'leap of faith' to be in this creative, fun, growing business of redesign and home staging I have never looked back! I love what I do and my dream was always to 'educate and empower women to create successful businesses for themselves in the world of redesign & home staging'!