Vibrant Design Group Inc.

With all our recent changes and growth, Versatile Design has incorporated to become Vibrant Design Group Inc. Our address and phone number remains the same.

Our website has now been updated. (as of September 12/07) 

Thank you for bearing with us as we undertook these changes.

Wherever you used to see Versatile it is now Vibrant Design Group Inc.  It also means that we are subject to all applicable taxes. See notes below for more information.

Membership- New, upgrades and changes:

New forms are now available on the site.

Please Note the following information when submitting these forms:


  • Add applicable taxes to all prices listed.( The rate of tax depends on the province in which you reside. e.g. BC 12 % hst)

  • Make cheques (including tax)  payable to Vibrant Design Group Inc. Address remains the same.


All prices are updated. 

  •  When ordering, please ensure that correct taxes are added.

  • Make all cheques payable to Vibrant Design Group Inc.

 Still have questions? Feel free to contact us at 604.-984.6194 for further details. Please leave a detailed voicemail if you don't reach us on the first try.