Books For Planning Your Space

Creating a successful living space involves a number of different elements.

One that is critical is the way the space is planned ,and how the furniture and built-in cabinets are laid out.  Belinda Albo has written two  books that provide great practical assistance to professional decorators and others interested in this field.

    The Home Furniture Planner is designed for space planning a variety of common rooms such as bedrooms, nursery, living and dining rooms, home offices family rooms and more. It includes 10 planning secrets and over 200 furniture templates.

     The Kitchen and Bathroom Planner will help you create your dream space. Use the over 340 templates to arrange your layouts with the guidelines for clearance and the author's recommendations. The step-by-step instructions are easy to use and you can create endless possibilities by moving the peel and stick pieces.

Both planners come with a reusable planning board which is laid out with a scale of " = 1 foot (an industry standard).  All the pieces are peel and stick and can be used over and over again.

Many professionals find that these planners provide the flexibility to show clients different options quickly and simply and are a worthwhile addition to their tool kits.

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About the author: Belinda Albo BID is a professional Interior Designer who has a successful design firm in Toronto, Ontario and Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  Belinda currently teaches home decorating courses and seminars for homeowners.