The Time to Decorate is Now!

Fall has come quickly upon us with leaves changing hues to golds, oranges, and red. This reminder signals change, not just in season but routine and activity.

University students are moving into residences and trying to personalize their own space. Some into shared accommodation and needing all the handouts they can acquire so the floor doesn't become their resting place. Families are moving to new homes so their children can attend a school they favour. Some parents are acquiring back the space they thought would always be filled until this moment.

The change of environment can mean a change of décor. Or perhaps you are motivated to freshen up after a lazy summer well enjoyed?

You may think that things can be done as quickly as some of the TV shows portray. However, BC's building and the related interior decorating and design industry have been busy over the summer.  Lead times for trades have become long, so if you have a yen to do some decorating and need assistance, this in now the time to call on your professionals. Some of the people we work with are now booking jobs 8 weeks ahead – early November being their target date. So, yes we do encourage you to start thinking and planning now. Christmas and the holiday season will be here before you can blink.

Decorators and designers provide custom solutions for your design dilemmas and help you put a unique stamp on your interiors.  Even if you are a do it yourself kind of person, investing some money in their services can pay off quickly. Examples of this happen all the time. A colour consultation is a good example:

Recently I met an individual in the paint store. Her dilemma was that she had started painting her room with a beautiful colour but found it too bright. A professional doing a proper colour consultation could have saved her time, money and frustration of an unsuccessful result. 

They will: 

  • come to your home 
  • check the lighting, the room orientation, the backgrounds e.g. flooring 
  • suggest several possible options based on family preferences and other considerations 
  • and recommended the use of colour samples or Big Chips (Benjamin Moore 18 x 18" samples) prior to painting if you still were uncomfortable making the final choice from the selection offered.
  Benefits include:   
  • no unused paint that will sit in storage, 
  • no additional money spent for a second colour, 
  • no extra time spent on repainting walls  
  • and the whole room will work well within the scheme of the whole house.  
  • And most importantly, you will have the satisfaction that it all works. 
 Consultations can be small or large, you decide. Use the help of a professional to achieve your desired result.

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